About Hamilton County Coalition


Hamilton County Coalition Priorities

Law Enforcement & Community Participation:


Partner with law enforcement & residents to reduce youth access to alcohol, tobacco and other illicit substances.    Coordinate with Federal, State, and Local Regulatory Boards and Agencies to ensure alcohol and tobacco vendors compliance.   Provide community safety training that empowers residents to  maintain safe, healthy neighborhoods. Increase community  capacity to reduce the negative effects of ATOD abuse by helping communities develop, implement & sustain comprehensive prevention strategies.


Provide Responsible Beverage Server Training to alcohol servers/ vendors. Facilitate training and technical support to neighborhood groups and schools to increase awareness of the dangers of alcohol use/abuse, illicit drug use, tobacco use and unauthorized prescription drug use.  Facilitate Youth Empowerment Society (YES).

Neighborhood Revitalization:


Empower neighborhood associations, community groups and faith based entities to increase community cohesiveness and resiliency. Implement neighborhood beautification and revitalization strategies.  Provide resources that promote safe, drug free communities. Collaborate with community partners to increase knowledge and skills needed to move Communities to Action!

I. Reduce access and prevent the onset of tobacco use, alcohol use/ abuse and binge drinking among youth and young adults.

II. Reduce substance use/abuse-related consequences  (to include high school drop out rates, truancy, domestic and community violence, DUI fatalities) in Hamilton County.

III. Reduce prescription drug abuse and synthetic drug use among youth.

IV. Build prevention capacities & infrastructures at  the community level.

V. Increase education and community awareness opportunities to reduce consequence of ATOD use/abuse. Advocate for standardized training and regulation of alcohol and tobacco vendors.

VI. Implement neighborhood revitalization strategies.

Our Board Members

Samuel Scott, Chairperson 

William Gardner, Treasurer

Elizabeth Crenshaw

Hamilton County Coalition Community Training & Safety  Center 
  • Provides Community Prevention & Safety  Training

  • Collaborates with law enforcement partners and regulatory agencies to conduct community scans for tobacco & alcohol vendor compliance

  • Facilitates networking and collaboration for prevention coalitions in  Region 3 South

  • Provides State Certified Responsible Beverage Server Training through TIPS Program

  • Provides a web-based reporting system for potential violations of  beer, alcohol and tobacco  sales

  • Implements beautification and revitalization strategies to support safe, progressive communities.

  • Collaborates with local and regional   Partners to provide Alcohol & Drug Prevention seminars

  • Supports community outreach and awareness 

  • Partners with the Drug Enforcement Administration and local partners to implement the National  Rx Drug Take Back Initiative in October and April.

  • Facilitates  Youth Empowerment Society 

  • Internships & Volunteer Opportunities are Available

This project is funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.”

Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Statement of Nondiscrimination.
"No person in the United States  shall, on the grounds of race, color or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity  receiving Federal financial assistance.”

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