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Hamilton County Coalition Employment Opportunties

Recovery Specialists

Regional Overdose Prevention Specialist (ROPS) Contract Position

Interested in the position, Please download the ROPS Job Decription ROPS focus on three primary groups with their work:

  • First Responders
  • Individuals at high risk of overdose, their families, and friends
  • Agencies and organizations that provide treatment and recovery services or community resources
In addition to the priority populations, the ROPS will train all interested community members. The Regional Overdose Prevention Specialists interface with their assigned communities primarily through training events. Since October 2017, ROPS have held more than 1,450 trainings with more than 32,000 participants. Material for the trainings consists of:
  1. Harm Reduction – Harm Reduction is a way of preventing disease and promoting health that meets people where they are rather than making judgments about where they should be. Scientifically-proven ways of mitigating risks associated with use are essential. This includes the distribution of the lifesaving opioid overdose antidote Naloxone.
  2. Addressing Stigma – ROPS seek to reduce stigma in their communities by encouraging people at their trainings to use person first language remembering that the person living with a substance use disorder is still a person first. Other stigma reducing topics include identifying unintentional bias, examining drug use from a continuum perspective, and understanding that substance misuse is often linked to trauma.
  3. Increasing Public Awareness – In their trainings, ROPS also share knowledge of the broader trends of the opioid crisis, the brain science of addiction, compassion fatigue, and how to administer naloxone.

Outreach Cosultant (Temporary)

Duties Include:

  • Increase overdose prevention awareness to residents of Region 3 South, a ten county, region in South Tennessee headquartered in Hamilton County, Chattanooga, TN
  • Increase awareness of the Nu-Start Program throught targeted media campaigns, including Newspaper and radio advertisements as well as printed material targeted to Zip codes and locations where overdose spikes occur.
  • For More Info Download The Job Description Here

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