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汉密尔顿县联盟青年赋权协会或 YES 为 13-18 岁的年轻人提供学习、发展技能、倡导和参与预防药物使用工作的机会。  YES 全年活跃,促进联盟的使命。 

YES 致力于教育和  使青少年能够就保持无烟、避免或终止物质使用以及不使用未成年人酒精做出健康的决定。

FCP Wants to Help You and Your Family...

● Access Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery Support

● Improve Stress Management Techniques

● Gain Access to Counseling & Life Coaching

● Participate in Onsite and Virtual Skills Building

● Attend Healthy Parenting Workshops

● Build on Money Management Skills

● Improve Wellness & Healthy Eating

● Participate in Prevention & Recreation Programs for Youth and Teens

For More information, contact our FCP Staff Members

Vanessa Montgomery

Family and Community Care Coordinator


Cindy Woods

Information/Outreach Assistant

Hamilton County Coalition

Office Phone 423-305-1449

● Services provided at No Cost to You!

● Upon completion of the program your family will be healthier and more connected!

● Services offered to those who qualify!

● Benefits and Incentives for the whole family!

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