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Another Successful Rx Drug Take Back, 206 pounds Collected!

Keeping your family and making our community safer requires many different approaches. Education and action are at the top of the list of things we focus on doing. Keeping meds safe in your home is possible by doing one or all three of the following things:

  1. Keep medications that you are actively using stored safely in a lockbox (available at the Coalition)

  2. Know how much medication you have on hand so that you can track when to request a refill and determine if meds are being used by others.

  3. Disposing of medications that are unwanted, unused, or expired to keep them out of innocent hands and not-so-innocent hands.

Safely disposing of your medications is not as much of a challenge as it once was. Here are three ways to safely rid yourself of medications you no longer want, need or use

  • Now you can find a year around disposal site near you. Check Here

  • An alternative to finding a year-round drop-off site is a Deterra disposal pouch. The

Deterra pouch has been proven to render prescription medications inert and non-toxic. You can get your Deterra Pouch by contacting the Hamilton County Coalition.

  • Gathering your unwanted meds and preparing to attend one of the annual DEA Rx Medication Take Backs. April 2023 and October 2023.


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